Bill Long and Al Steck

Bill Long and Al Steck on Washington Column in 1950. Bob Swift photo.


Al Steck on Yosemite Point Buttress

Al Steck on Yosemite Point Buttress


Dolt Made Gear

Various gear made by Bill "Dolt" Feuerer. Dolt's craftmanship was unrivaled. To see more gear:

2nd Ascent of Lost Arrow Chimney

Warren Harding giving a very attentive hip belay for Frank Tarver during the second ascent of the Lost Arrow Chimney in 1955.

Bob Swift photo.

Corky does the Tyrolean to Kat Pinnacle

Mary Ann "Corky" Corthell does the Tyrolean to Kat Pinnacle. Mid-1950's.

Photo from Bob Swift collection. For more of Bob's photos go to

Robbins, Ranger, Wilson, Gallwas and Harding

Royal Robbins, Don Wilson, Jerry Gallwas and Warren Harding signing out for a climb with an unknown ranger. This photo was posed for an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, 1955. Jerry Gallwas collection.

Harding, Gallwas, Robbins and Wilson

Warren Harding, Jerry Gallwas, Royal Robbins and Don Wilson in 1955 after their attempt on the Northwest Face of Half Dome. Jerry Gallwas collection.

Harding Letter to Calderwood

Warren Harding letter inviting Rich Calderwood to join him on the East Face of Washington Column.

Harding Rappelling

Warren rappelling off of Dolt Tower during the first ascent of the Nose, 1957. Al Steck photo.


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