Facelift 2019


The dates for Facelift 2019 are September 24th through September 30th. Camping requests may be sent to camping@yosemiteclimbing.org.

Camping Email Address Is Changing in 2019

The email address for camping is changing in 2019. The new email address is camping@yosemiteclimbing.org. We are phasing out the gmail account.

Camping requests are limited to maximum 4 people. In your request, include:

1) your name,

2) your email address,

3) the number of people in your request,

4) the additional names of people in your party (max. 4 people),

5) check-in date (starting 9/24/19),

6) check-out date (latest 9/30/19),

7) choice of campground (Upper Pines, Camp Four, Yellow Pines, Crane Flat, or Tuolumne),

8) whether you can camp outside the Valley (Y/N), and

9) whether you would like to be place on the waitlist (Y/N).

Requests open May 1, 2019 at 12:00am PDT.


For bonus points, create the table above in Excel, fill the second row in, save the file, and email it to us.

Remember, the YCA pays for most camping, so only request camping if you’re committed to attending. Thanks!

For general inquiries, please email yca@yosemiteclimbing.org. We are still looking for sponsors for 2019 Yosemite Facelift.