The Oakland Museum would like Yosemite Facelift video footage for a display.


The Oakland Museum of California

needs your videos

of this year's Facelift event!


We are creating a new 30,000 square foot Natural Sciences Gallery. Yosemite is one of seven amazing places in the state that we are featuring. We need help in sharing why Yosemite is so special, from people like you, who love it!


What you do:

·        Shoot 3-5 minutes of footage (Consider watching this four minute video with some tips on how to shoot video).

·        Share why you are participating in Facelift and/or why you think it is important, how long you’ve been doing it...

·        Include some footage of what you did during the week

·        Upload it to our Vimeo site at:   

(See further directions below).



Once we get all the footage, we will figure out how and if we can best use it in our gallery. We will get in touch with you once we know.


If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Pegas (510) 318-8591 or


Signing up for Vimeo is free, quick, and easy. 

You will be ready to upload videos in a couple of minutes. (If you already have a Vimeo account, skip to step #5.)

 1. Go to

2. Click "Join Vimeo"

3. Click "Sign up for Basic"

4. Enter first and last name, email, and password, and tick the Terms of Service agreement. Congratulations!  You now have a Vimeo account.

5. Go to and click on the "Upload Video" link.

6. Choose your Yosemite Facelift video file to upload.  Add a description and title.  Done!

You can always refer to for any questions.