Movie from the 50s, but who and where?


A roll of 8mm movie film from 1954 recently appeared. Thinking It might be something of interest to me, I had it digitized. Wrong again, Swift! Five stills from the movie can be seen at:
If you know the who and where I'd be interested. If you want to claim the film (original and/or digitized) let me know

Ken Yager
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I have no idea who but, I think it is up by Olmstead Point somewhere. The angle of Half Dome appears to be about right and the rock looks more like the high country. It would be great to see the movie.

Ken Yager

ronhahn (not verified)

Bob, you probably know the answer by now--I just noticed the posting.  Those last 5 stills are on Mt. Hoffman.  The last shot, of Hoffman Thumb exactly matches a photo on Google Maps titled "Hoffman Ridge in Perspective".  In the first of the 5 shots, could that be Ray deSaussure in the background?

Anasazi (not verified)

Thanks Ron,
I recognized Corky rapelling in the last frames of the film and with her help have decided that those in the film were: "6-27-54: Climb Hoffman and Thumb with Warren, Swift, Phil (George), Frank (deSaussure), and Rayne (Motheral). The last three were UCHC climbers."
Bob Swift

matekason (not verified)

 Hi Bob,
My name is Kate and I work at Sender Films in Boulder Colorado. We are working on documentary film that follows Yosemite climbing from the 50's to present day. Much of our film focuses on the early climbers, and we would absolutely love to include this footage that you have found.
We are also very interested in obtaining your photo of Warren and Frank sorting gear in front of their car (page 51 of "Ordeal by Peton"). I haven't been able to find your contact info, but would really appreciate getting in touch to discuss this project with you. My e-mail address is 
Many thanks,
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