Ken Yager at the belay on the start of the 5th pitch called the Yardarms.


Dave Schultz leading the Yardarms (5th) pitch of Karma during the first ascent in 1986.

Jim Campbell drilling a belay bolt at the end of the Walking the Plank (4th) pitch. The Yardarms (crux pitch) is next with an endless dike beyond.

Ken Yager photo.


Ken Yager following near the end of the endless dike. He is very thankful that the angle is lessening and the dike is widening.

Photo by Dave Schultz.


 Dave Schultz starting the Walking the Plank (4th) pitch.

 Photo by Ken Yager

Ken Yager high on the dike. We followed this dike system diagonally for 6 pitches.

Dave Schultz high up on the Yardarms pitch.


Jim Campbell belaying and Dave Schultz leading.