Higher Cathedral Spire

Higher Cathedral Spire

Jules Eichorn and Bestor Robinson holding the flag on top of Higher Cathedral Spire after doing the first ascent in 1934 with Richard Leonard.


Topo of the last pitch of Higher Cathedral Spire showing the piton placements during the first ascent in 1934. This page is in the Higher spire notebook that was donated to the Yosemite Climbing Association in 1993 by Richard Leonard.



Leonard, Eichorn and Robinson spent the Winter of 1933/1934 planning for further attempts on Higher and Lower Cathedral Spires, this included purchasing pitons and carabiners from Sporthaus Schuster in Germany and using photos taken by friends to measure angles of the Spires to determine the best potential route. 

Jules Eichorn on First Base at the top of the first pitch.

Bestor Robinson leading on Higher Spire.


 Jules Eichorn and Bestor Robinson belaying in a tree.

The cover of the Higher Cathedral Spire notebook donated by Richard Leonard in 1993.

Bestor Robinson, Richard Leonard and Jules Eichorn on the summit of Higher Spire during the first ascent in 1934.

Looking down the steep and exposed Northwest Face during the first ascent.


Pitons an carabiners from Munich

Sporthaus Schuster is very proud being mentioned as a part of YCA-history.
Schuster still is one of the most outstanding mountaineering suppliers in the world.
For almost 1oo years and still in family ownership.
Best regards from Munich!