Granite Frontiers reception photos

Granite Frontiers reception photos

The reception was great with about 500 people attending. The following 31 photographs were taken by Abel Gutierrez during the press conferance prior to and during the reception. Thank you Abel.

Climbing decorations that were put up in the courtyard entrance for the reception.

Closeup of the climbing racks.

Steve Grossman being interviewed.

Scott Frank and Kelly Perkins.

Kelly talking to Royal Robbins.

Kelly and Royal with Curator Jonathan Spaulding and Craig Perkins behind them on the left.

Craig Perkins and Ken Yager doing his best to mimic the mannequin.

Craig and Kelly checking out the RCS video.

The Camp 4 room.

The Timeline in the Camp 4 room.

One of the piton cases with some of Dolt's masterpieces.

Ken Yager looking at the interactive granite wall with exhibit designer Patrick Fredrickson in the background.

Ken looking at the Chouinard equipment case.

The portaledge.

Royal placing some gear.

Craig, Kelly and Ken on the portaledge.

Kelly and Craig.

The Camp 4 table.

Hal checking out the gear.

Liz and Royal Robbins.

 Liz and Royal in front of a younger Royal.

 A cam in the interactive granite wall.

A hex placement.

 The sport climbers near the entrance.

The RCS case.

Yadhira and friend enjoying themselves.

Ken checking out the Salathe case.

The World War II case.

The clean climbing case.

 Interactive piton and bolt display.

Another view of the piton and bolt display.