George Anderson's original drillholes on Half Dome

Ken Yager
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Here is one of Anderson's spikes

Ken Yager

neebee (not verified)

hey there ken... still kind of just testing all this out here... but say:
i will never cease to be amazed at what this man did, to do that climb...
trying to imagine how he felt, on that very day he made the move to do it...
a dream, coming into being... man oh man... :O
well, all for now... take care, god bless...
thanks for displaying the spike pictures... :)

Randy Travis (not verified)

I have allways been facinated by this climb. When I was about 7 years old I read a story by Jack London called Dutch Couage about 2 guys following this line .That story was one of my first insirations for starting to climb.I would be interested in finding the original site.