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Spring/Summer 2009

Granite Frontiers

A Century of Yosemite Climbing

It's on the move! Turns out the exhibit in the Valley was such a success that the show has hit the road. The first stop is the Autry National Center of the American West. The exhibit is scheduled June 12 - October 4, 2009.

Huge Fresno Bee Article, Conquest of El Capitan

Conquest of El Capitan Climbing enthusiasts will gather to remember the moments that led up to taming of a landmark.

Warren Harding, Wayne Merry and George Whitmore, left to right, wave their handkerchiefs in elation in 1958 after scaling what until then had been the unclimbed face of El Capitan. The picture was taken by Fresno Bee staff photographer Loyal Savaria within a few minutes after they walked up to the summit. About three hours before the climbers edged up over the rim of the sheer face, they ate breakfast before going on up to the top.


Yosemite Climbing Association Newsletter, 10/2008

October 2008 Yosemite Climbing Association Newsletter

In This Issue

* Art Auction
* The Nose Anniversary
* 2008 Facelift
* Granite Frontiers Donations
* Media Coverage
* Website

art auction
artwork by Denise Hart

4th Annual YCA Art Auction
Starting on October 16th with silent bidding and ending the evening of October 17th with a live auction The Ansel Adams Gallery will host the 4th Annual Art Auction in conjunction with YCA. Several generous and talented artist have donated their works of art for the event. Hors d'ovrs will be provided by Lost Arrow Catering and all proceeds of the event will benefit YCA. The silent auction wll end on October 17th at 4pm and the live auction will start the same evening at 5pm. This is an event not to miss as there will be great deals, great food and great company. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

An Affair to Remember

YCA is proud and honored to announce the 50th Anniversary of the First Ascent of the Nose. In great appreciation and respect for the first ascent team and this world class route there will be a celebration in Yosemite Valley the weekend of November 7th-9th. Many of the people involved with the route, including not only the final ascent team but also those that were there throughout the effort, will be present for a weekend of slideshows, interviews, and stories.

The events are as follow:
Saturday, November 8th
1pm - 4pm
East Auditorium
An informal gathering with food and drink.

Saturday, November 8th
7:30pm - until

Yosemite Climbing Association Newsletter 10/2007

4th Annual Yosemite Facelift a Success

The 2007 Facelift was very successful. The final count was 2,945 volunteers that contributed 18,335 man hours. The cleaning was contagious as people jumped in to help participants fill their bags. The Park Service valued the work at $344,148.00. 132 miles of roadway were cleaned. Items including toilet paper, cigarette butts, and micro-trash were removed from the woods at all turnouts throughout the park. 80 plus miles of trails were cleaned and the Merced River Corridor was cleaned from Happy Isles to the NPS Warehouse in El Portal. All lodging, campgrounds, and housing areas in the Valley and Tuolumne were cleaned. Certain abandoned infrastructures were removed which was the majority of the weight. In all over 42,330 pounds were collected and everything that could be recycled was. About 32,000 pounds of the weight was from special projects we took on, helping rid the park of old infrastructure that NPS does not have funding to remove.

Close to 400 people attended the reception following the cleanup and enjoyed the free food and beverages provided by Delaware North Parks & Resorts at Yosemite. Thanks to over 70 sponsors who donated an array of prizes, participants were rewarded with a daily raffle and a final raffle during the reception.

Volunteers world-wide showed up to do their part in being land stewards. YCA thanks all the volunteers who showed up and made the Facelift a success. Without them this event wouldn't have been possible. Everyone had a great time and many old friends and new were brought together during this event. We look forward to next years Facelift and hope to see you all there!

Another Note from Katie

El Capitan, from page 184 of the 1959 American Alpine Journal

El Capitan

l SUPPOSE this article could be titled “The Conquest of El Capitan.” However, as I hammered in the last bolt and staggered over the rim, it was not at all clear to me who was conqueror and who was conquered: I do recall that El Cap seemed to be in much better condition than I was.

The above mentioned last bolt marked the conclusion of a venture that began in July, 1957. Mark Powell, Bill “Dolt” Feuerer and I met in Yosemite Valley intending to make an attempt on the North Face of Half Dome. We discovered that an excellent team of climbers from southern California was already at work on it and had the situation well in hand. In our disappointment, we became a bit rash and decided to “have a go” at El Cap.

I’m sure no climber ever considered El Cap impossible-the term “impossible climb” having long since become obsolete. The fact that, previously, there had been no serious attempts to scale the sheer 2900-foot face was simply due to the common belief among rock climbers that techniques were not sufficiently advanced to cope with such a problem.

October 2008

October 2008 Yosemite Climbing Association Newsletter 
In This Issue

  • Art Auction
  • The Nose Anniversary
  • 2008 Facelift
  • Granite Frontiers Donations
  • Media Coverage
  • Website



4th Annual Yosemite Facelift a Success

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